Yuli Geszti

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

My work is motivated by a challenge: to create the illusion of three-dimensional volumes on the flat surface of the canvas using only brushes and ink. These volumes are configurations of unusual objects arising from a planar support.

The curiosity aroused by my work comes directly from its internal contradiction: the valorization of the painting as a two-dimensional object versus the use of paint precisely for its feature most rejected by modernity—that is, for its capacity to create spatial illusion, here the sense of images projecting outward from the canvas as if they actually changed its topology.

My working process involves a long stage of preliminary study. The final outcome is determined at this stage from the black outlines on the paper and drawings of the manifold possibilities for representing the illusory volumes. During the painting process, the sense of volume is heightened through an intensification of light and shadow, revealing a surface organic or geometric, concave or convex.

People often try to touch the finished paintings in order to find out if the forms on them are two- or three-dimensional.

The term “erotic” has been applied to my work, and I agree with this perception. A subtle eroticism is suggested by the interstices of forms, by the rounded volumes and the serpentine rhythms of sinuous curves.

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