Wendy Kelly

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

My work is the result of long-term development and research, the aim of which is to create a reflective and calm intrigue within an active visual experience. Through the use of geometric rhythms and subtle textures, I like to instigate a nonverbal conversation with the viewer by using light as a tool, as against its usual artistic role of being the subject. It is intended that the works are changeable as the viewer moves or the light changes, also that they have the quality of being “slow to enter” and have the ability to reward the experience of reviewing or re-engagement. The building of the geometric surface is important here as it becomes the structure for the materiality of the work.

A deeply underlying influence has been the landscape of the remote areas of Australia: its silence, the experience of light and the depth of the shadows, the colour nuances, order and disorder and the endless possibilities. Perversely I live in the city, which tends to highlight the differences of the landscape and intensify the extremes of the experience. My works are made in series and with two distinct processes. The first is the building of the geometric structure, and the second is the painting of the surface. Mathematics, control and discipline are involved in the first stage of the work, whereas the second stage is the application of colour in multiple layers of glazes and requires a very different mindset, somewhat akin to the experience of the city as against that of the outback.

My methods and processes incorporate a variety of materials, which creates a fine complex geometric interpretation within an almost monochrome aesthetic. The use of common thread as a unique mark making tool to create complex lineal rhythms has been an important part of these non-figurative geometric works. It is a tool that can be either left imbedded in paint or removed selectively from the surface, and can be used to reflect light, to tear collaged paper, or create a fine lineal emphasis within a soft edge elusive abstraction. The opportunity of endless development and interpretation is ever intriguing.

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