W.C. Richardson

University Park, Maryland, USA

My paintings are handmade objects of contemplation. For me in their making and for viewers as they look at them, they are vehicles for a poetic conflation of feeling and thought. Plane geometry, pattern, repetition, tesselation, tiling, fractals, cellular automata, architectural structure, diagrams, maps, charts, instructions, puzzles, games, and, above all, music inform my work. I am interested in the philosophical implications of mathematics and science, particularly physics and biology. I find the paradoxical and counterintuitive concepts generated by these fields most intriguing. Reality continues to escape any model of it we construct.

These paintings begin with a grid and a ruled, measured drawing. Their geometric armatures are developed and defined by a variety of painterly processes. Countervailing elements leave their imprints on each other, interpenetrating and interacting in a kind of constructive interference. The resulting space is not based upon the illusion of three dimensions. Rather, it is one that continuously expands, collapses, and reconfigures. This is a space that circulates, breathing through the surface of the painting, hovering above and below, in front and behind. The geometry becomes organic, alive. The complexities of each work are arrived at through the act of painting, not imposed, but discovered.

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