Viktor Hulík

Bratislava, Slovakia

since my childhood I have been fascinated by NATURE, by its transformations, variations,
the variety of shapes, colors and forms,
the omnipresence of MOVEMENT,
the multitude of astonishing links, relationships and continuity …

Attempts to grasp movement in works of art are manifest in various forms throughout the previous century, its latter part in particular. The idea of motion became the key concept of my work in the early 1980s. Although movement has been developed and expressed in various mediums, my art program has maintained continuity: one stage—which introduces new solutions—results logically from the previous one.

The Movers work introduced in 1985 is based on the principle of stark contrast. With Movers, I found the key to transforming a rationally organized structure into a chaotically destructed picture formation containing new aesthetic information.

In the more recent Geo-Movers, I applied the results of experimentation with identical elements and their transformation potentials. In this work, geometric constructions are formed from several layers—which can be seen as precise, compact, almost minimalist—either black and white or, by contrast, brightly colored. There is usually an eccentrically placed metal screw, which allows parts of the constructions to be rotated, and thus initially quite simple compositions, when set into motion, can display a wide range of transformations, from very subtle variations on the original set to very complex reconfigurations filled with crossings and turnings. Every alteration creates a new variation of the original image. A very important moment occurs as the viewer /participant takes part in these changes.

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