Verónica Di Toro

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I became a geometric painter through a long evolution. Initially I was making work that resembled abstract expressionism, using lots of paint, obvious brush strokes and drippings. Next I began to clean up the images, combining color fields with textured ones. Later I used only color fields, hard edges and lines in my works. I started making structured compositions in series. At first I used only squares, then, in turn, parallels lines, symmetrical compositions, and diagonals. Now I’m making orthogonal compositions once again.

I like to experiment with color in an intuitive way. Like cooking—mixing different elements, sampling them with pleasure. I prefer to devote my rational brain to the work’s structure and my body to color.

I work simultaneously on a large painting and several smaller ones that function as sketches. As I wait for a large painting to dry, I use that time to make small works. I take great pleasure in all these moments.

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