Tremain Smith

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

I use the grid as a structure that I build upon, layer by layer. From this foundation I move freely. The lines, shapes and colors become mappings of the unseen as I seek to visually manifest access to the spiritual.

I point out what is invisible or overlooked and surround the act of painting with studies concerned with systems of divination or the discernment of the unseen and with paths of initiation. I then create paintings that reflect my growth and understandings.

The mixed-media technique I use is composed of layers of oil glazes, collaged elements and transparent beeswax.  I incise, heat, iron, rub and draw on the layers, and burn imprints of found metal pieces into the wax and wood. With these processes, I create a texture and depth that draws one into the substance and spirit beneath the surface. The works on paper are made with the same layering process using acrylic instead of wax and oil paint.

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