Timothy App

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Primal forms are immutable, and I have always responded to their simplicity, their veracity, and to their expressive power. They are anonymous, free of ownership, and transhistorical. Yet their significance is directly proportionate to the quality and depth of the individual sensibility applied to them.

The logic of geometry, and its parallel course with the order in nature, excites me and inspires me profoundly. Its measured proportions come naturally, and like no other subject, provide me with a way into a painting. When these forms are combined, a spatial dynamism ensues, which for me insinuates subtle states of mind. Color is an agent of transformation, is the purveyor of light, and with it I attempt to transcend the limits of measure.

Ultimately, my desire as a painter is to hold the tension and balance between the architect in me and the poet, between reason and intuition, and to give form to that which I cannot name.

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Goya Contemporary, Baltimore, MD

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