Suzanne H. Ulrich

Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA

I think of myself as a painter; however, I have been making these small cut, torn, gouache painted and pasted paper collages now exclusively since 1997.

As a painting major years ago, reflecting back on that time, I had a design course I liked even more. Just playing with basic shapes really. I feel like I have come full circle.

Although I have always used collage as a break from painting, I painted. Losing interest in figurative work early on, I painted stripes, mostly in oil, mostly on canvas. Some large, some small, and some on paper.

I believe my more recent oeuvre is by far my most mature body of work. The possibilities are just endless. The rectangle for me both dominates and gives structure to the pieces. I work intuitively and pay great attention to the surface detail, the layering and lifting. And back to that design course—just playing with basic shapes and color. I love color! I intentionally avoid any illusionistic reference of any kind and work each piece until it becomes a composed, self-contained work of art.

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Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts

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