Suzan Shutan

New Haven, Connecticut, USA

My work is material-based and straddles the worlds of two and three dimensions. An artwork might start as a painting, grow into a wall relief and end as a floor sculpture or installation. I combine the handmade with the manufactured, seeking transformation. Movement, as seen through pattern and structure, are essential to the work as is the personification of color and its reflective aspect of light.

Much of my work offers views of “systems” found in the natural world that contemplate life processes—such as ebb and flow, growth and decay, expansion and contraction and the intersection of opposites. I have created installations about airborne spores, the physics of blushing and the murmuration of starling birds in flight. By the same token, my work has addressed critical environmental issues such as oil spills and toxic seepage into groundwater, and therefore requires it be viewed in a larger context.

Sacred Geometry has always been at the root of my work, referencing Theosophy, alchemy and astrology, but also modern technology. My forms are tied to symbolic mystical shapes, to platonic solids such as the cube or polygon, to Kabalistic grids, and their geometrical relationship to our world in flux—life in perpetuity. How energy is released or anchored, how it is used destructivly or constructively are questions I ask when making my work.

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