Stephen Westfall

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Geometric pattern, color, and proportionate scale are the means with which I address architectural space and cultural memory. My images are “Signs” in the semiotic sense of putting multiple references into play and “signs” in the conventional sense in that they’re meant to be seen and felt from across a distance as well as inviting close inspection. I don’t use tape on my canvases, the areas of color are brought flush together by a sable brush in my hand. The wall paintings are produced in a scale that actually requires that tape be used to mask edges. My colors are essentially asymmetrically mixed complements, so that the red has little bit of green in it and vice versa. This allows my colors to share a common light, like signs in the sun. Sources for my seemingly abstract imagery abound in the world of architecture, in fragments of everyday life, in the pattern and color traditions of multiple cultures. I use modes of abstraction to de-narrativise or de-allegorize my use of any one source. I want to put multiple readings, in essence multiple memories in play through imagery that invokes the camouflaging clarities of geometry. I want to make a rigorously formal art of warmth, joy and plenitude. Such a seemingly contradictory position creates opportunities for irony and play.

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Lennon, Weinberg, Inc., New York City, New York

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