Soonae Tark

New York, New York, USA

I work systematically with flat color surfaces that convey piles of shapes. These piles demonstrate balance, imbalance, repetition and continuity depending on the weight of the color. Rather than a representation of the external, my work is an expression of my existence. As one day follows another, I repeat the same action over and over much like placing a stone on a mountaintop cairn.

My series on wood developed after I found some discarded compact disc shelves each consisting of 6 x 6″ pieces of wood. There were two holes in each square and that kept bothering me as I worked. I tried to figure out how to hide the holes. Finally, I had a breakthrough. I decided to emphasize holes by making many more circles instead of trying to hide them. I am interested in the process that builds abstract, architectural forms into flat surfaces. I like to play with opposites and differences to create harmony and balance.

One day, I sat and looked at a framed drawing next to me in my studio. It came up my mind, “Why don’t I work directly on the glass?” So I tried it out on some Plexiglas. I enjoyed it! It was so much fun. I am developing a series of work on Plexiglas. I play with color and form with rigid lines to explore materials with meticulous care. I like to challenge myself through daily practice.

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