Sonia Burel

Paris, France

My artistic process concerns geometric abstraction. It is an abstract mental construction based either on the balance of shapes and colors coming from my interior imagination, or from the abstract representation of a reality that has captured my attention, my eye.

Elements of a reality that seduced me are taken aside and afterwards constitute the main subject of the future painting. These elements could be colors, lights or geometric forms, and are then transported in a geometric way into a composition where the initial reality is present, but in a schematic way.

In my painting series about lights (e.g., Cab, Paris by Night, Fira by Night) I re-transcribed in an abstract way city’s lights to reveal a city panorama varying in accordance with the painting’s subject. The lights in these paintings constitute the principal object of the composition and are represented by lively colors faithful to the initial reality. They stand out from the background like a light that glitters and create a particular rhythm in the geometric construction of the painting. This abstract geometric transcription can be interpreted as a deconstruction of the reality, a disorganized pixelation of the subject.

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