Siri Berg

New York, New York, USA

Why geometry? It is a language all my own that suits me, stimulates me, excites me, and at times, satisfies or frustrates me. To me, the forms incite conversations; subtle dialogues fill the composition. Through the use of color and texture, I can speak about contrast, such as yin/yang, black/white, flatness/texture, comedy/tragedy. These are indirect evocations of my experiences, always subconscious, but in retrospect, they are strongly present. The serial works tell a story, for example, morning to evening, frustration to tranquility. Light is the narrator of all my stories, form is the subject, the series is my structure.

Within three bodies of work—paintings, collages made from Japanese woodblock prints, and assemblages from found industrial objects—I explore the sensuousness of oil painting, the feel of three-dimensional sculpture, the craft of printing, and the freedom of expression as vocabularies in my personal geometric language. My pieces speak about choice in the spontaneous chaos of creation.

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