Sevan Melikyan

High Falls, New York, USA

In art and in life, nothing is as simple as it appears. My paintings would seem at first glance to be straightforward geometric abstractions. But a second look should reveal the dialogue I am having between the image and the theme that inspired it, whether it be a masterwork by an historically important artist or a resonant photograph of an everyday subject.

I was just having fun one day when a new experience ignited my passion. The playing field was a graphics program in my computer, and the event was an electronic reduction of a painting, Fernand Leger’s Three Musicians, which became a patchwork of colors. I immediately translated the concept to canvas, and have since produced a series of images.

As my piece evolves, the literal idea leaves off and the magic takes over. In the end, the original subject and the new creation almost cease to mirror each other at all. Instead, they carry on a heart to heart conversation across the centuries…

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