Scott Malbaurn

New York, New York, USA

My work is hard-edged painting that is minimal and linear. I use synthetic water-based mediums such as silica, urethane, and acrylic resin along with pigments to make my own paint. I work on stretched canvas or linen that may be found stretched over panel. The paintings are flat color fields with lines that race, zip and carve themselves through the surface.

In hopes of keeping the work well thought-out and fresh, I constantly search for a balance between contrived and arbitrary. This gives me an intuitive “just right” feeling about the work. Nuances may be found within the brushwork. With the exception of tape, the paintings are constructed by hand without geometrical tools or spray applications. Tape is used as a drawing tool, cautiously applied to the painting surface to prevent bleeding of the paint. This allows an acute interaction of color. The work is assembled with many thin layers of paint by way of cross-hatched brush strokes in hopes of creating a physical substance to the painting. The overall aesthetic favors a reductive, minimalist bent coupled with physicality.

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