Samara Adamson-Pinczewski

Melbourne, Australia

My work investigates the impact of contemporary architecture and urban space on contemporary geometric abstract painting. I have observed that reflection and spatial warping, including the experience of disorientation, are frequently experienced in contemporary cities on a daily basis. For instance, we regularly view the physical world through a series of highly warped reflections. These paradoxical visual experiences, including the sensation of push-pull, are explored in my abstract paintings. I investigate these sorts of illusory spatial effects to create new perceptual experiences and optical effects for the viewer.

Geometric form and color are utilized as an organizing tool for creating spatial ambiguity and tension in my practice. I focus on figure-ground ambiguity and reversal to create energetic pictorial spatial readings. Through investigating reflective and reductive color schemes and surface qualities, I create scintillating visual effects that are comparable to the reflection and refraction of changing light on modern and contemporary buildings made from high-gloss glass and polished or patina metals. Newly available acrylic paints, pigments and mediums are frequently experimented with in order to further develop the material concerns of my paintings in uncharted directions.

Oblique linear structures and irregular abstract forms are used to explore issues of spatial deformation and instability in abstract painting. My compositions are designed to engage and activate the viewer, and it is my intention that the warped structures and reflective colors and surface finishes might prompt the viewer to experience feelings of vertigo, dizziness and anxiety. I aim to create the impression of disorientation that portends to feelings of uncertainty and fragmentation in everyday life.

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