Rufo Criado

Aranda de Duero, Spain

In my works, I attempt to transmit the sensations that I perceive every day.

The landscape that surrounds my studio, the trips that I often make to cities, with the changes and continuous movement and the tensions of social events, primarily international, are the different contexts that determine my work.

Geometry, for me, is no more than a concept that serves in the study of spatial and formal relations. A painting must be something more dense and complex in its contents. The structures must serve as containers of human experiences, leaving in the background formulas and numerical calculations. Intensity and intuition must condition any formal development at any moment.

Color dominates the structure of the painting, making it “sing.” I am intrigued by powerful acid colors, deliberately discouraging any possible interpretations of my works as decorative or depicting my environment.

I always focus on moving towards a form of “geometric expressionism.” Although I am not particularly interested in the term (it does help in understanding), that association does indeed reflect a rather pessimistic world view.

Although there is a certain bittersweet flavor in my current work—of a reality that is becoming progressively more chaotic and deteriorated—I try, nevertheless, to infuse my works with the positive energy of a universal reality—in the hope to help in its transformation.

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