Ron Eccles

Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

My studio is located in the rolling farmland and orchards on the shores of Lake Ontario. This area experiences gentle weather change and can be described as founding countryside for our nation.

I believe that I have been influenced by the colour and the texture of this area. But once I approach my work, this nuance in feeling combines with geometric shape, my struggle with opposites, my belief in line, and transparent layering. The pursuit of light from within the work is key, and I am always building a scaffold, a structure that will offer up a sense of completion. My methods of putting down marks and building requires belief in the journey, and I have no idea of the outcome. I just know when the work is complete. Only after the fact can I make connections to nature, to history, to architecture and to things aesthetic and spiritual.

Transcendence, key to a successful work, comes with simplicity, transparency and light. Because I work with oils, my drying times impose periods of rest and consideration of the work, and time itself becomes one of the tools for creating these works.

My most recent work, the White Line Compositions, have journeyed toward something larger than myself—they exist as objects on their own merit in the world. Beyond me—this has been my goal.

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