Robert Straight

Wilmington, Delaware, USA

I’ve been using geometric forms in my work for most of my artistic career. My thoughts and ideas concerning geometry have evolved, expanded and changed over time. I first used geometry for strictly structural reasons, since I am interested in the relationship between the interior structure of the painting and its relationship to the actual exterior shape of the painting. I use both the conventional rectangular format of painting as well as shaped formats in my work. Each format presents possibilities along with certain limitations.

Prime numbers and various systems for constructing geometric shapes are another point of interest. Brancusi’s sculptures are an ongoing inspiration for me, specifically the Endless Column, a sculpture that suggests reaching infinity by using repetition. Spirals are a geometric form that I have used over time, since spirals suggest a never-ending path. These particular geometric elements are useful in representing absolute, infinite ideas in an abstract way.

The weave of canvas creates a structural grid that is both physical as well as conceptual. This substrate is another representation of infinite repetition. Recently, I’ve used less uniform grids as a structural device. Sometimes this grid is painted and in other instances, a grid is constructed by collaging actual fabrics or laser-cut papers into the paintings.

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