Robert Christie

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

I recognize and accept the fact that my personality is orientated towards the orderly and the structured more so than to a loose, organic approach to painting. In general, I begin my work with a rather basic geometric layout, sometimes overlapping parallel bands and sometimes simply defining horizontal or vertical bars. At the initial stage, I don’t want the layout to be overly interesting or complex in its format. Its intent is to simply be a “holder” for a more complex structure of color and surface.

I usually paint over the bands many times, often changing colors until I feel that the surface has developed a history within it. The substance and character of the paint is still very important to me, and I believe this is allowed to be identified by the viewer—partly because of my obvious emphasis on it, but also because of the intentional downplay of the layout. In turn, the underlying forms take on the visual attributes of their surfaces, and hopefully, the viewer is both surprised and entertained by an impression of overall complexity coming from something that is inherently quite simple. In essence, the geometry of my compositions is not an end in itself, but, in classical fashion, it is a means to an end.

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