Rita Ernst

Zürich, Switzerland

Since the beginning, I have been interested in rhythm, structure, movement, the grid, harmony and order as found in nature or manmade. I search for hidden arrangements, looking for underlying geometric relationships and transforming them into the paintings.

My earlier works are based on a systematic analysis of forms defined by horizontals, verticals and diagonals. This ordered system is a starting point for my analyses. In the steps that follow, I imaginatively develop this system further. I lay down the rules of game.

Since 1990s the “built space” has been a source of my inspiration. In Sicily, where I spend a large part of my time every year, the “Progetto Siciliano” came into being. In this project, I seek out ground plans of Sicilian architecture—those of castles, palaces and churches.

The specifications of these templates are transformed through many working steps, including shifting, superimposing, reflecting, adding, subtracting, omitting, emphasizing, cutting out and replicating.

I am true to the principle of the metamorphosis of predefined structures and am always in a balancing act between reference and individuality. In particular, I am interested in the transformation processes that lead me to my paintings. My subject is not simplicity, but complexity.

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