Rhonda Gates

Rockford, IL, USA

I was living in Chicago, working downtown, and walking from the train each day when my paintings initially were evolving. The windows of the city’s buildings reflected, altered, and abstracted their surroundings. I studied the geometric compositional schemes and subtle, shifting gradients of colors. That schemata is reflected in my present expression.

This way of perceiving the subject matter as though observed or considered via a distilling device serves as a departure point to explore color and the qualities of paint itself. I use heavy, vigorous brushwork and thick paint to engender a sensuous, tangible quality and sense of mass to the atmosphere. Fleeting light effects evolve within a framework of predominantly geometric shapes.

Periodically, soft graphite is incorporated to depict elements of branches or rocks to punctuate the atmospheric space within. The carefully constructed painting allows visual structure to bring out unexpected aspects of the landscape.

The resulting paintings portray my wonder and fascination with the natural world around me. The experience of being immersed in the landscape evolves into a contemplative, almost spiritual experience for the viewer. Gridworks expand, contract, and isolate areas, then break through others to create a sense of atmospheric forces at work. The world of nature is reflected, altered, and abstracted as the viewer and painter meet.

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