Raphaël Durans

Marrakesh, Morocco

My Folded Spaces paintings demonstrate that one can refrain from many of the elements that have defined painting since its origins—figuration, color, line, composition, subject matter and narrative. What interests me above all is proportion—what I call intuitive proportion. Using irregularly shaped canvases, I examine space beyond the square or rectangle. Gradations of grey create the illusion that the folds project and recede in space.

My work is based on models that allow me to see whether or not a painting will function well in space. The use of maquettes links my painting to Concrete art where the study is indispensable to the realization of the work.

For years I worked exclusively with variations of grey. For me grey is more a vibration than a color. My most recent work does include diptychs in which I introduce a single color juxtaposed against the greys. The color doesn’t directly intervene in the grey, but rather highlights and accentuates it.

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