Pino De Luca

Genova, Italy

“In colored reflections we have life.” (Goethe, Faust)

Light equates to life. And indeed, by playing on words and meanings, we can also say that life is rhythm, movement, color, play, space, joy, continuous transformation, as well as concern, tension, contrast and a thousand other things.

The sense of my configurations and my signs is intimately linked to these meanings, with an interest in sensitive experiences and relations perceived in everyday reality, which is complex and often confused. We must then add my everlasting predilection for a geometric vision of form, for its combinatorial aspects, for series, time, flow, numerical proportions, the colors of the solar spectrum and their changing, shifting effects.

Hence stems my great interest and desire to paint, to think through images and their infinite variants, to search out forms and colors. It is a work that develops in constant experimental, expressive research, with a logical approach to processes, concepts and concrete experiences, with the techniques and language of painting. They are mental images, geometric abstracts, sets of deconstructed and numerically structured signs designed and articulated into multiple scanning routes. Fluctuating signs that interact in a play on the expression of rhythms, spaces, the continuous mutation of colors in a dialectic sequence in the making, with so many different, complex, expressive values. It is a mental voyage that starts over and over, with a great deal of curiosity and “raison d’être,” through a simple play on form and color and from a sort of interior need with the aim of sharing a sense of pleasure and joy in their existence with others.

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