Pierre Millotte

Paris, France

Which has a greater influence on my work: the love of color or the desire to represent data from individual lives through my paintings? Probably both in equal measure.

The data always reflect the lives of real people—myself or others. They primarily concern our movements, geographically speaking, expressed over the course of time. Such data create paintings that are like calendars: a chronological grid enhanced with colors. The time scale can be short, say months, or it may span an entire lifetime. The choice of colors obeys a geographical code.

The most recent series, “Nights,” is taken from different people’s diaries, and reflects, over a six month timeline, whether the subject spent the night alone (black) or with someone (various colors).

The data that form the structure in my work are always taken from the lives of real individuals. These “statistical” paintings enable me to show what our lives and their particular rhythms can look like—colors and forms allowing a direct and intuitive understanding. But they also engender the surprise of a composition constantly renewed, existing in and of itself for the sole pleasure of our eyes.

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