Peter Hugo McClure

Hartlepool, United Kingdom

“Drawing should be like taking a dog for a walk without a lead.” –Paul Klee

We must seek hidden meaning in Every-Thing … the soul of the Artist can reveal this meaning … the artist must be a clairvoyant and magician … Allowing others to see the hidden and subliminal through their Art.” –P. D. Ouspensky

Finding order in the universe in math and geometry that have existed since the beginning of time and to know that we are just scratching the surface is a source of much joy and wonder. When one discovers a profound truth, it makes one feel irrelevant and very humble. So anything we do to express the rapture from such enlightenment, again, is just scratching the surface. Talismans, yantras, mandalas, Celtic crosses, Islamic patterns are all expressions of this fundamental universal, unifying order.

Straight Lines

Shaped by the mind
Straight lines inclined
Poetic symmetry enshrined
To the eyes kind.

Blueprints unwind
Hidden truths defined
To nature entwined
Man to order confined.

Evolving patterns find
Compositions refined
The Lord does bind
Sacred images aligned.

Every detail designed
All purposely assigned
To harmony resigned
By the Creator signed.

Archetypes to remind
Of the knowledge mined
Eternal beacons shined
Visions for the blind.

–Peter Hugo McClure

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