Paul Walker

Aegina, Greece

Constructions made from plywood panels and painted in a variety of painting mediums have lately become the focus of my attention. The modification of the picture plane has been a preoccupation of mine throughout the years. The concept behind this approach comes from a desire to have the painting perceived more so as an object, to free it somewhat from the “window in the wall” association that is bound to pictorial language.

I am concurrently involved in an ongoing series of paintings that have the essence of abstract painting at heart. The essence lies in an independence from any external references and in its potential to suggest an approximation of a state of mind. For me the process of creation lies more in an attitude rather than a technique, a meditation or an impulse within a disciplined framework. External influences cannot, of course, be absent as this would suggest a lack of functioning senses; they are instead omnipotent and nonspecific.

Growth in nature can be seen to define and be defined by the strength and economy in geometric formations whose patterns are observed everywhere in the natural world from atomic structures to planetary systems. For my purposes, I have had to acquire a set of rules or guiding principles, and it is the universal languages of geometry and mathematics that most naturally provide me with this support. They are crucial at the conception and predominate throughout the structures in all of my work.

Whilst the composition relies on guidelines that almost fall within laws of physics, the body of the work is compounded by flesh made up of interrelationships of planes of color. Color is of paramount importance and ultimately determines the tone and final resolution of the finished piece. The finished picture can be a manifestation of its own history up until the moment when it defies any further interference, as it were, nurtured to the point of gaining its independence, an organic development through geometry.

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