Patrick Morrissey

London, United Kingdom

My work was originally concerned with the analysis of kinetics, ratios and related phenomena. The use of installation, film and optics characterized my earlier efforts in this concern. Latterly, I have returned to painting, using a more formal expression of my interest in and preoccupation with a form of “meandering geometry,” as somebody recently described it. These works present an ongoing development in my work, not only literally, but in the modification of the language of each piece. There is a requirement of the audience to “saturate” their consciousness whilst viewing the work, as each one demands a prolonged, almost meditative contemplation in order to adjust to the color and compositional values contained within.

Aesthetically, they are created to respond to the fundamental physiological experience of seeing, comparable to the kinaesthetic response engendered by sound, music, or rhythms. Visually, the work is created in much the same way as musical notation, using stave-like grids onto which I add rhythmic or pulsing annotation or markers which, as in music, coalesce to present an overall piece, which hopefully presents a balanced and coordinated event for the audience.

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