Ole Folmer Hansen

Copenhagen, Denmark

My mode of expression is concrete painting.

In my pictorial compositions I work to create a balanced, dynamic interplay between forms and colors. The shapes are homogeneous and intense, both in my paintings and in my serigraphs, to bring forth the strength between the colors.

My gouaches have a more sketch-like expression. In my work with glass, the changing flow of light is an interesting and provocative partner. The point of my wall paintings is to create positive surroundings and to inject new energies with dynamic forms and colors.

I have always enjoyed playing with figures and colors, and I like to work with my compositions while listening to music. I work with the rhythm of the color, an internal connection that binds the colors together, one color in a way anticipated in its predecessor. There is a rhythmic elasticity without which the composition would fail.

What music offers the ear, concrete art permits the eye to see.

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