Octavio Herrera

Paris, France

The deep exploration of the subjective aspect of color reveals itself as essential in my work. This element constitutes a rich language of expression.

I use ranges of monochrome and polychrome in my compositions and realize each work with great precision. I integrate irregular and geometric forms in a real space where the edges communicate with the surrounding space.

Layering two or more planes of preconceived structure, playing with transparencies within each plane, and contrasting color with line—these serve the design of the composition and create ambiguity within the space.

The rational, the subtle and the subjective sides of this profound geometry, rich in visual play, make possible a dialogue between the work and the spectator.

The work doesn’t impose an already established position since its language is constructed and altered in different ways according to the work’s placement in space. This allows our imaginations to reveal something of what’s inside us.

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