Nicole Guyhart

Fréteval, France

Figuratively trained, I always knew that my painting would evolve towards abstraction. Already working in a simplifed way, I was trying to find the essential. I traveled a lot on different kinds of ships. I knew countries by their ports. These are graphic worlds. I always loved the engine rooms on these boats, universes of geometric forms. It is in Art Construit that I found my language because this language, with its freely accepted constraints, is vast: working with familiar geometric forms in a given space and creating one’s own plastic universe.

I work in series: Assemblages, Reliefs, Ouvertures, Insertions, Transparences. My series are relatively short—I don’t like to repeat myself or reproduce the same image—I would miss too much. It’s essential for me to explore how forms can change in space, how colors interact with one another, the effects of working in relief, finding new combinations. This is also why I develop works referred to as Madi because there is such freedom: to think outside the box, to work in multiple dimensions, playfully, creatively—the Madi work is very enjoyable. This has brought another dimension to my work of more classical formats.

I love to work with fullness and emptiness and “everything is possible,” always trying to get to the essential.

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