Nicholas Bodde

Bremen, Germany

Of course, my work arises from the tradition of geometric art of the first half of the century. But I also feel connected to concepts of color field painters such as Mark Rothko or Barnett Newman that have nothing to do with the often dogmatic color, form and proportion systems of concrete painting.

Although committed to stripes as its structure, my work is intuitive. The inner forms as well as the choice of colors are always spontaneous. The surface of each color plane is treated differently. I use strategies of constructivism in defining the structure of my painting in order to be more able to concentrate on the characteristics–light, value, tonal grading, quantity and surface structure of the colors.

My pictures reveal themselves differently from close up and from a distance. When viewed from a distance of several meters, they clearly appear related to constructivist geometric tendencies. But from close proximity, one notices that my main objective is painting and not construction. In my effort to create an interplay between color qualities and quantities within an exacting style of composition, I still dream of the picture with colors no one has seen before.

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