Ned Evans

Venice, California, USA

From the childhood construction of fantasy forts, cities, and buildings assembled alongside my imaginary roads and grids, there has always been for me a strong compulsion to build structures, an impassioned propensity for geometry. In this, I’ve developed my senses regarding construction, design, and architecture, and these affinities unquestionably exist within my work, where the creation and dissolution of structure exists. The work might waver in and out of a truly defined structure, but it consistently returns to a definitive grid.

Dividing the canvas, I produce the bones behind the building, the scaffolding where everything else is allowed freedom of form. The skeleton, unforeseen and unpredictable, develops while the paint is wet and yielding to movement and direction. It settles in places I hadn’t expected, the grid begins to reveal itself, and the rest is shadow and dark, light curling around corners, or color giving a sense of day or night. Unquestionably, my work is influenced by my southern California landscape, the undulations of the sea, surf, and sand, the contours of the landscape, but, ultimately and inevitably, I’m re-constructing and building edifices and foundations on top of which exist the nuances of illusion and imagery.

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