Natacha Caland

Strasbourg, France

My work belongs to the lineage of twentieth century kinetic artists claiming minimalism and pure abstraction.

I seek to stage shadows and light through the movement of random and controlled devices always determined by a system. Each painting/sculpture is made of a juxtaposition of a multitude of identical modules progressing along a predefined logic. Millimeter by millimeter, the progression of these modules almost imperceptibly displays variation in intensity of the colors.

In an article published in the Moniteur in August 2011, art reviewer, Ondine, wrote: “The relief plays on color, creating a disturbing interaction for the eye, an optical difficulty, which makes us wonder about the limits of our perception of the world through sight; between the certain immobility of the sculpted shapes and the sensation of movement which the eye creates because it cannot assimilate the contact of shapes and color, the contrast sought by the artist provokes a certain pain, stressing the challenge and limitations for our senses and visual sensations when facing the vertiginous possibilities of the world and space”.

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