Nancy White

Redwood City, California, USA

I am as captivated by how I see as what I see; by the moment of perceptual disconnect between what I think I see and what is actually there. I have explored this phenomenon through abstract paintings on panel, on paper and on three-dimensional forms.

For me formalism and geometric abstraction are a dynamic means to express the beautiful and surprising nature of seeing. I am fascinated by contradictory visual experiences such as how rapidly moving forms can slow down my process of looking; how pale painted forms on a white ground can appear and disappear when intermingled with after-images; how a color barely distinguishable from a ground can catch my eye’s attention; or how something 2-dimensional can snap into 3-dimension and back suddenly and seamlessly.

My working process is slow and considered. I manipulate forms so they activate a sense of directional movement, appearing to fold and unfold, or shift forward and backward in space. My grounds are hand-tinted and palettes constructed to maximize a particular sensation In 3-dimensional pieces, I am attentive to how shadows and reflections of color on the wall merge with painted surfaces. I rework each piece until a certain visual “hum” appears.

All my work is small in scale intended as a personal conversation with the viewer. My hope is to enable myself and the viewer to become self-conscious of the very act of looking.

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