Nancy Hull Kearing

Warwick, New York, USA

I paint within the conventions of non-objective art using circles, squares, rectangles, and trapezoids to improvise in the spirit of the many different kinds of music and dance that I enjoy. Using these forms, colors, and lines, I aim to stimulate sensations of movement, rhythm, harmony and key. I like to make colors and shapse interact in the same way that sounds and rhythms interact in a musical composition. Fast, slow, buoyant, lyrical or discordant—it’s an intuitive pursuit.

As Hilla Rebay, the accomplished and influential painter, wrote, “Non-objectivity is intuition made audible and visual.” I try to put into my paintings the spirit that moves me, from pieces like a merengue, the waltz from Der Rosenkavalier, anything by Charlie Parker, J. S. Bach, or Francis Poulenc. Geometric shapes give me the means to do this because they are like musical notes—without reference to anything other than what they are.

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