Milija Belic

Paris, France

What is the visual sign that could represent our time? It is perhaps too simplistic to think in terms of a single symbol, but it seems to me that a model based on rectangular and square planes that intertwine, overlap, intersect, and move with a certain rhythm, with strong color contrasts, may correspond to that idea. For a long time my thoughts have revolved around a single theme: visual rhythm. I have searched for what is essential in painting and art in general. Modern art has taught us that the subject is no longer important, that only form matters. In trying to determine the essence of form, I arrived at the idea of rhythm. Thus, rhythm expresses itself as an order of movement, and it is this order, this proportion, that can be expressed numerically. If modern cosmology updates the Pythagorean philosophy of numbers and is primarily based on a geometric model of the universe, likewise geometric abstraction finds its points of reference and roots in the deepest structures of the world and the soul, which overlap and ultimately identify themselves in the work of art.

The new digital era has accustomed us to observe the world through numbers and has familiarized us with the panoply of the virtual mainly composed of geometrical figures. So develops an aesthetic consciousness well above all that is representative, sentimental or anecdotal, and a new spiritual dimension where the most abstract geometric objects become the source of the most noble emotions. It is in this context that I try to develop my painting and sculptural work.

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