Michel Bugaud

Ailhon, France

In my personal approach, I try to explore the creative process through the conscious conception of mathematical rules—and geometric ones are the easiest to handle—with and without the balancing of random factors.

Doing so, I imagine a mathematical (geometric) construction rule, which is next programmed on the computer. In the second step, I influence the primary rule by introducing random factors, based on number generation.

To organize 2D space using mathematical rules, I start from a chosen primary structure (either as described by a mathematical law, or as a raw image); iteratively elementary forms will progress following self-programmed algorithms to fill the entire 2D space.

As an image, this concept of work meets that of life where the initial life program (DNA) is modulated by environmental influence (as a random element).

In my work, this approach can also be extended into 3D space (i.e., sculpture).

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