Melinda Harper

Melbourne, Australia

My paintings are essentially about color and form. They are informed by my visual experiences, contemporary culture and art. I have been painting abstract paintings for 20 years and have a longstanding committment to abstract art. I use oil paint on canvas. I mark out the edges in masking tape, working on several sections of the painting at once. The paintings come together in bits and pieces, and decisions are made slowly as the painting dries.

Over the last few years, I have painted on colored grounds and, more recently, predominately black grounds. Outlines now enclose the shapes; the black acts as another line that separates the colors, extending the complex optical and formal relationships within the painting.

“One of the more powerful arugments in favour of abstract painting is that it presents us with opportunities to experience the act of looking in its purest form, our unexplained feelings of elation on seeing particular combinations of color in the flow of daily life given a permanent form independant of the visual descriptions of objects. ” —Judith Pascal 1994

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