Mary Judge

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

The inspiration for my painting derives from architecture, the mapping of its surfaces through the ages and a love of the constructs of traditional painting forms. Through the use of symmetry, that balances and multiplies an overall effect, simple motifs are transformed into complex gardens of hard edge color. These constructions of expanding and collapsing forms unfold like maps in flat, overlapping, ornamented layers. I think of it as a mash-up between the original garish polychrome colors of the Parthenon married with sacred geometry. The goal is to create a mystic and immersive experience expressed through taut color vibrations, sensual surfaces and a refined sense of craft, and something that evokes the great mural arts of the past, corralled and trained, for a moment, in my own personal painting arena.

In these new works the use of straight edges references “the plane” as a formal element. Geometric shapes per se are not the primary focus, but rather they modulate planes of color and are mechanisms that create dynamic energy and tension.


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