Marco Casentini

Hermosa Beach, California, USA

My acrylic and alkyd paintings explore the spatial dynamics of color, texture, and form. They are inspired by urban space—by the geometry of its forms and architecture, by the tall buildings that dominate the view out my studio window.

My paintings reflect two different approaches to color and space. My multicolored work is composed of many individual parts. It is lighthearted and optimistic. The colors are strong and bright and are influenced by my frequent travels to Southern California. Their color brings to mind Pop Art, the Los Angeles urban space, or the bright hues of Mexican architecture. The multicolored work is also inspired by cartoons and the world of Disney—fantastic, hyperreal worlds.

My monochromatic work is born of my European experience. I use a single color—often blue, black, red or orange—with its tonal variations. This work is more meditative. Each painting is composed of only a few individual parts; everything is clear. The monochrome paintings suggest an interrupted story or a fragment of life. The black paintings are the most dramatic and arouse powerful emotions—like touching the absolute.

I also make wall paintings on which I sometimes hang paintings on canvas or Plexiglas. The great expanses of color of the wall paintings have a strong emotional impact on those who experience the space. In this work, painting becomes architecture.

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