Manuel Ros

Barcelona, Spain

Geometric abstraction frees my work from any realistic representation, eliminating any trace of inner subjectivity; the work becomes an autonomous entity, understood as a visual and mental stimulus that helps achieve mental states that allow us to glimpse that there is something else.

With my work I create new forms and discover other real/concrete existences; I try to show different realities, to shift ordinary mental states, to reflect space from another point of view—as something harmonic, ever-moving and completely interrelated. The dichotomy action-reaction no longer exists, rather action-creation. The logic of cause and effect is no longer viable, thoughts are contemplated rather than attempted to be verbalized, fractal reality becomes a conscious experience.

Through contemplation I intend to expand the mind, becoming a mental landscape, allowing a new perception of space where all is interconnected. I think in creative ways to discover different dimensions. One cannot remain trapped in one single reality. A dialog between the viewer and the work allows the attainment of higher mental states, reflecting parallel planes of our existence.

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