Malene Landgreen

Copenhagen, Denmark

My work derives meaning from the fact that the uncertain, abstract, unformulated, chaotic and inharmonious, no less than the well-ordered, well-considered and flawless, always relate proportionally to something else. No matter how incomprehensible and ungraspable it might be, indeed precisely because it is. It’s all about relations and proportions. That applies in art, in architecture and in life. Proportions are crucial, those in our mind as well as those in the surroundings where, as visual or mental presence, they establish harmonies and coherence of which thoughts and feelings are component parts. Proportions are specific and identifiable. They define time and space.

To be in the studio, mixing paint to a perfect viscosity and color and deciding on what exact color will further my mission. What is going on right now? Is it micro- or macrocosmic? Is it happening here and now? Is it at a 1:1 ratio to reality? It is exactly here, in this medium, that perception is allowed to change within a fraction of a second. And what a moment ago was a question, is now an answer. Both the banal and the “in” become tangible in this frame. Which brings me to the frame, the edge of the painting. It provides a transition to something else. But to where?


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