Maggie Tennesen

Sky Valley, California, USA

My work derives its imagery from roadmaps and woven strands. Using the ideas of connection, interrelation and movement from one point to another, I want to explore intersections—the tensions, the space and the relationships created by them.

In the universe, every system organizes itself in some way. These systems, I believe, cannot be weighed or measured—they must be mapped. We travel from one point to another, from side to side, from front to back, from inside to outside, or the other way around.

There is a whole history of geometry as a desire for the perfect and in a searching inward journey, e.g., the Greeks, Mondrian, and Ad Reinhardt. I find this search and journey in color and form.

The work is about systems and patterns within and without our bodies, our universe, and beyond. It is a recognition of our fundamental embeddedness in, and dependence on, all processes of nature. It is the basic tension between the parts and the whole.

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