Lyndal Hargrave

Redland Bay, Queensland, Australia

I have long been fascinated by the underlying order of things, the sense of a pattern that lies beneath the chaos of life, and a belief that everything is somehow connected within that pattern.Geometry  introduced itself into my art when I began to build  structures into my paintings. With no preconceived plan, these constructs grew and grew. An insightful mentor predicted I would become a sculptor long before I started building 3D objects. She could see how the forms in paint would demand to be freed from the canvas. Repetition of form with slight variations is evident in my sculptures and is a reflection on the building blocks in nature—the hexagons of beehives, the prisms of crystals….My latest work explores 3D illusions and is predominantly made from multiple cubes. Amongst the precision of the geometry is the entropy of the natural materials, patina of copper, scratches in timber. I love exploiting and working with the materials and the methodical nature of the hand sawing, sanding and finishing is somewhat meditative.I seek elegant solutions to complex inquiries about the universal geometry that shapes our universe.

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