Luciano de Liberato

Chieti, Italy

My work started with minimalistic, line-based research, eliminating concepts of shape and color. After some years, such rigorous work blossomed in a rich and lively language able to convey a broad spectrum of emotions through a dynamic interplay of rhythm and music.

In 1994, using a very personal language, I started a long and still-evolving series of artistic researches. Since that time, I have often changed the most basic concepts underlying my work, however without ever disavowing past results as any new research is born out of previous inquiries. During this long body of research, I have needed to update my technical approach many times in order to best suit the research direction I was pursuing at each moment.

I am a very rigorous painter; nothing is left to chance. Even in the absence of a fully formalized project, everything is fully composed as mental images and assembled with great precision. In one body of research after the other, my aim is always the same: to compose, using shape, structure and color, a “theatrical” poetry, because I am deeply convinced that a fully developed visual theatre, and its spiritual enchantment, are an essential part of great art.

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