Luc Hoekx

Mol, Belgium

In the last 15 years I’ve made an evolution from a lyrical approach to a more constructive way of painting. The painting became more and more an object, sometimes minimal, but almost always referring to (imaginary) space and architecture. I’m inspired by modernist buildings, military structures (bunkers, camouflage), dazzle painting on war vessels, plane landscapes, maquettes, schemes, etc.

From these I derive simple abstract forms mixed with a personal sense for color and atmosphere.

My work is built up in several layers, sometimes transparent, mostly not. The spectator can feel the layers beneath and can experience depth. The edges of the painting often tell more about the working process, how the painting was made. Color is seldom exuberant.

Although my work is recognizable as mine, I have no clear-cut style or method of working, so it is hard to define. I like that. It gives me a large scale of possibilities. I still can be surprised …

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