Louise Blyton

Melbourne, Australia

For many years now my practice has been committed to and informed by reductive art and its histories. My early work concentrated on using only straight vertical and horizontal lines to demarcate solid shapes. This structured method led me to a new concentration on the materials I was using. I became interested in reducing the materials to reveal a purity and simplicity that mirrored the minimalist forms and composition they are inspired by.

I have long harboured a love of raw pigments; the amazing saturation of true colour, the intense matteness and the physicality they possess. Similarly, I am drawn to the tactile texture and historical significance of linen, which evokes in me a certain romance. Linen provided a substrate with a rawness and simplicity that partnered beautifully with raw pigments. Both materials have been chosen for their purity, which allows their innate aesthetic to resonate in the work.

The reductive nature evident in these materials allows the simplicity of their form, colour and composition to become central, creating works that evoke a sense of quiet. More recently, I have incorporated three-dimensional forms and multiple surfaces into my work. This has brought a more interactive quality between the work and its environment, creating a discursive relationship between the viewer, the work and the subtleties of surrounding light and shadow. The installed pieces become stoic, meditative and silent; they are for reflection.

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