Lorenzo Bocca

Cremona, Italy

My work takes the square as its starting point: initially divided by the diagonal, half given color, and rotated to give rise to a number of combinations. Subsequently the diagonal has given way to the curve, one quarter of the circle, expressed in modules that are repeated, rotated, stacked, and always juxtaposed on a square grid.

I assimilated geometry—the basis of my compositions— via the architecture of Francesco Borromini, the ideas of Escher, and finally arriving at studies of rotational and bionic geometry made by Italian researcher, Giorgio Scarpa. I recognize line as the basis of my research, adhering to the pronouncement of the ancient Greek painter, Apelles, “Not a day without a line drawn.” I work in acrylics on wood and paper and in collage. I also create sculptures from paper folded diagonally and longitudinally, also painted in acrylics.

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