Linda Bradford

Long Island City, New York, USA

I am very drawn to stripes, perhaps because I spent a lot of time in austere churches when I was growing up, and I used to study the pipes of the organ. Stripes for me are ambiguous and evocative: they are neutral and describe nothing but themselves, but they can also seem like volumes of color. The dual goals of creating the illusion of space and of surprising the viewer with color have always been paramount for me.

The images in my Strata Mandala series have an architectural or spatial dimension because of the vanishing point perspective that is alluded to, but they are also highly abstract studies of the chordal nature of color. Just as certain tones harmonize or contrast with others in music, colors can create consonance and dissonance. I am attempting to intuit harmonies, to divine the consonances of tonality. Ultimately, I am seeking to create sensate arrays that register on the viewer emotionally.

Losing oneself in perception is a form of transcendence. I want people to feel as though they are entering another spatial realm where they can lose themselves and be one with color.

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